Bernoulli's Principle

Answer this...

1. Daniel Bernoulli was born in ___________. (2 pts.)
a. Spain
b. France
c. Netherlands
d. England

2. What does Bernoulli's principle states? (2 pts.)

3. What are the common  several various modern day applications of Bernoulli's principle in the world around us? (at least 2 answers)

4. What is lift? (2 pts.)

5. Bernoulli's principle applies to both _________ and __________. (2 pts.)

a. solids and gases
b. liquids and solids
c. liquids and gases

6. What is thrust? (2 pts.)

7-9. What are the forces in which the pull of gravity opposes in an airplane?

10. Who is the founder of the Bernoulli's principle? (2 pts.)